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KEMCAANA Village Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Project:

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We are pleased to update you on the continued excellent progress which has been made at the KEMCAANA adopted village at reconstruction after the devastating floods of 2010 in Pakistan at Farooqabad, Basti Gujrat, Muzaffargarh, Punjab.

With your donations and specially efforts of Dr Ijaz and Shazia Mahmood’s family and friends in Louisville forty houses will be completed in a week. We look forward to starting another fifteen houses soon.

The families who have moved in their new dwellings which we saw on our visit in December were very excited to have a dwelling built with concrete blocks which could withstand future calamities. The main room can accommodate up to five beds.

 There is a Verandah which will be multipurpose and for the first time they will have a sanitary bathroom with a septic tank. This will markedly decrease the number of illnesses these villagers contract from poor hygienic conditions.

We are pleased to inform you of a functioning clinic courtesy of APPNA’s donation of 10,000 dollars and volunteer physicians from Pakistan Arab Oil Refinery (PARCO) nearby. Warm clothing and blankets were also provided to the children and the families which were well received and used as cold weather approached.

These houses have been built in the most cost effective manner as we were lucky to have remarkable and enthusiastic volunteers from (PARCO) Mr. Saeed and Mughal and able supervision by Dr Mubasher Rana.

 Moreover the houses are being built at the same locations where previous houses stood and material from the previous house was reused and the home owners provided unskilled labor.

We are also grateful to Dr and Mrs. Manzoor Tariq, who on their visit to the village decided to donate for rooms to be built for women vocational center.

We look forward to your donations to complete our goal for a hundred homes. Please note each home costs one thousand dollars and you can donate for a home or towards a home.

Thank you.

Aisha Zafar & Maqbool Arshad
Co Chairs, KEMCAANA Village Reconstruction Project

Plaque in the front of a rebuilt home stating that it was by KEMCAANA

Dr. Maqbool Arshad with a proud elder whose house was rebuilt

Home owners, husband and wife with Drs Rana & Arshad , PARCO Vlunteers
Mr Saeed and Mr Mughal and Mr Tauqir Sheikh, a graduate of Univ. of Michigan
engineering school who owns a textile factory in the area and willing to assist
villagers and gave refuge to villagers in his factory after the floods

Mr Mughal showing Dr Rana blankets donated through APPNA and the bedroom
which can hold five beds

Dr Rana & Dr Arshad with owners of the newly built home. Their son is a student
at Nishter Medical College

Temporary relocation of the primary school in one room with an enrollment of 150 children, most of them cramped in one room with old furniture piled up in the back.There were two teachers having difficult time controlling the class and kids were excited to see the visitors, another distraction.No signs if government has any plans to rebuild school in near furure

Newly built home by KEMCAANA

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Free Dispensary

Free Dispensary

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Beautiful child

Beautiful child going to school

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