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The scholarship program under the able leadership of Dr. Masood Akbar has been going very well.  We have steadily increased the number of scholarships during past 13 years.  We are currently awarding 88 scholarships to deserving students.

In 2001 KEMCAANA Scholarship Endowment Fund was started by an initial donation of $20,000.00 by Dr. Faiqa Qureshi to start Dr. Aftab Qureshi Memorial Scholarship.  The donations have steadily increased and we are currently awarding 40 Endowment Fund Scholarships.  A permanent Scholarship can be established after donating $10,000.00.

In September 2008, we started 15 scholarships under auspices of "Adopt-a-student” Program.  We thank Dr. Aisha Zafar for proposing this idea and making it a resounding success.  Under this program you can adopt a deserving KEMU medical student for a mere $500.00/year, which will cover their tuition for the whole year.  We will provide you the name and background of the student you will be adopting so you can communicate with them directly if you so desire.

In 2009, Dr. Bashir Chaudhary proposed the idea of THANKS Scholarships. This is a novel idea since this is geared primarily to pay for tuition for the students at KEMU.  Drs. Bashir and Tesneem Chaudhary have worked very hard on this project.  This year we are awarding THANKS Scholarships to 47 students at KEMU and the number is increasing steadily. 


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