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1. Awais Aftab's Feedback

"I am very honored at being the recipient of Sajjad Hamdani Award of Excellence. It is a great encouragement for me and will be of tremendous help in my career pursuit of getting a residency in USA. This scholarship will assist me with the cost of CS and residency interviews, which amounts to a substantial sum. I would recommend all students to aim for this scholarship. For this, most importantly, they need to get a high score in Step 1 as soon as possible after their graduation, and their achievements from student life, both academic and extra-curricular, must reflect the potential that KEMCAANA is seeking. I offer KEMCAANA my immense gratitude and my promise that I will strive to prove myself worthy of this honor. I earnestly hope that one day I will be in a position to help the deserving students in need, as KEMCAANA has helped me.


2. Qasim Khan's Feedback

"Verily, ability is of little account without opportunity. Being a staunch believer of the aforementioned I have led a life seeking challenging and rewarding opportunities in order to augment my skill-set, diversify my experience, and progress on the path towards personal and professional growth. As a foreign student at King Edward Medical University, I aspired to develop a strong knowledge base and impeccable clinical acumen and in turn, hone and channel them towards a career at home, in North America. In this age of fervent competition, I am grateful to the King Edward Medical College Alumni Association of North America (KEMCAANA) for taking a keen interest in my career goals, appreciating my efforts directed towards them, and arranging an elective opportunity at one of the U.S.’ leading medical institutions. As an active member of the clinical team, I had the privilege of gaining first-hand experience of the logistics of an archetypal North American clinical environment, all-the-while diversifying and enhancing my knowledge of disease patterns, clinical methodology, and patient-oriented management. I applaud KEMCAANA for successfully maintaining an altruistic yet professional approach in creating avenues for promising physicians towards a successful career in North America. I am especially grateful for the unwavering support of Dr. Waseem Khaliq, Dr. Ayesha Zafar and Dr. Ali Hashmi and I sincerely hope the association continues to strive to shoulder international medical graduates in achieving their career goals. "

3.Farrukh Abbas's Feedback

""KEMCAANA has proved to be a platform where stones in their raw forms having rough edges are polished into smooth shaped diamonds (the graduates of KEMU). KEMCAANA has arranged the opportunity of observership for me at one of the world's highest ranking hospital. I feel myself lucky as it was a lifetime learning experience; especially approach to common clinical cases, presentation skills, communication skills and the professional manner and conduct. This experience has put head and shoulders to my resume for getting into residency
training at USA. I really appreciate the efforts of the KEMU alumini towards career development of the new graduates. I am especially thankful to Dr. Waseem Khaliq and Dr. Ali Hashmi for their selfless guidance and affectionate support."








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