Why should I join KEMCAANA?

This is your organization, you make it!

Benefits for KEMCAANA members:

1. Registration dues are waived for retreat and summer meetings

2. Access to membership database

3. Document Verification Service to verify your documents from KEMU is only available to members.

4. If you are traveling to Lahore, we can help you with travel arrangements including hotel, car reservation and sight seeing tours.

Your valuable membership dues and donations have enabled the following programs and initiatives:

1. KEMCAANA Doctor’s House:  We run a subsidized 5 BR residential facility in Philadelphia for young graduates pursuing residency in US.

2. Scholarship Program: Presently KEMCAANA is providing close to 90 under graduate and post graduate scholarships.

3. KEMCAANA Computer lab and wi-fi Project at KEMU: equipped with 60 computers, video web conferencing, printers, scanner and copiers has been serving faculty and students since 2002. We provide free wi-fi at KEMU campus, allied hospitals and boys and girls hostels.

4. Facilitating International Electives  for KEMU Students: KEMCAANA is sponsoring GHLO Program from AAMC to provide International Elective opportunites for KEMU students.

5. Visiting Faculty Program:  Teaching rotation opportunities in KEMU for Kemcolians in USA and Canada have been organized on a formal basis, including on line teaching sessions via video conferencing.

6.Post-Graduate Education Program:  This program ran from 1994 – 2004, provided residency positions at five institutions for young physicians.  Over the years, this program helped more than a hundred physicians directly or indirectly.

If I join KEMCAANA, where can I help?

Your dues and contributions can help any of the above ongoing programs plus many more we would like to work on more diligently including:

Scholarship Loan program in USA:  Fund the travel, tuition and accommodation for qualifying physicians as they come to the USA for graduate training. Establish a Zero Interest loan program for this purpose.

We hope that today you will become a KEMCAANA member and join us in serving our Alumni and our Alma Mater.