Samia Nawab Waseem, MD
KEMCAANA President 2020

KEMCAANA Alumni 2020 Newsletter

Dear Kemcolians,

The ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic has changed our way of life and work, both professional and charitable. KEMCAANA and Kemcolians have kept the Noble traditions of serving and donating towards important Humanitarian causes. The current KEMCAANA President, Doctor Samia Nawab and her team has been at the forefront of balancing professional life as well as quarterbacking multifaceted landscape of various KEMCAANA projects. They are also at the forefront of helping local and international communities impacted by this pandemic.
The following is a brief overview of the various projects.

COVID-19 fundraiser and relief 2020
KEMCAANA is the First Pakistani Alumni organization which took a goal-oriented strategy to raise awareness about the Coronavirus as well as an organized fundraiser at the Grassroots level.  Members of other Alumni contributed generously to the cause, raising over 100,000 dollars in the charitable account. This is the largest sum of money raised in such a short while. In collaboration with various non-government organizations in Pakistan, money was distributed among the Coronavirus victim in the form of food packages and personal protective equipment. Helping Hands, Sylani Trust, Akhuwat, HDF Alkhidmat and ICNA relief in collaboration with APPNA  distributed  300 packages of food irrespective of religion race, or color local. Kemcolians in Virginia, Florida under the leadership of Dr Shahzad  Khan SWC chair KEMCAANA and. Dr. Saima Zafar distributed food with ICNA RELIEF in Texas in  USA these are some of the few counterparts that took part in the distribution of resources to Coronavirus survivors.

Personal protective equipment worth several thousand dollars including N-95 masks were sent to emergency workers at Mayo Hospital.
Personal protective equipment was purchased and distributed to New York hospital by KEMCAANA and Kemcolian physicians working in those facilities.
Food packages were organized and delivered to Coronavirus victims in Pakistan.

As a Salute to health care workers, Several Kemcolians joined hands with local businessmen in the distribution of hot meals to front-line healthcare workers and staff at local hospitals in Virginia and the District of Columbia.

This is an ongoing effort and funds are still being raised to help the ever-increasing population impacted by a Coronavirus. The need is great, however, KEMCAANA would continue to spearhead this campaign and reach out to other Alumni/ organizations to continue to donate to this worthwhile cause.

Pediatric ICU Upgrade
KEMCAANA in collaboration with Lahore Mayo Pediatric/Neonatal ICU was able to raise a significant amount of money to provide much-needed CPAP machines for Neonatal patients. Various infusion pump devices were purchased and donated to the ICU. These devices were much needed and appreciated.

Ventilator and Oximeters were delivered to GHULAB DEVI Hospital AND TO A  HOSPITAL  IN KARACHI  in collaboration with  VT  for Pakistan. a young group of residents donated to this, Cause under the leadership of  KEMCAANA Medical Mission Committee.
KEMCAANA Burns funds.  Ongoing fundraising activity
KEMCAANA Cornea project. Ongoing and needs fundraising 
This year KEMCAANA Advocacy committee was instrumental in helping 52 Kemcolians in their residency match as well as residency issues.  A remarkable achievement in building the career of these young Physicians. Salute to these volunteers
KEMCAANA Education initiatives.
* Mentor ME program for new graduates and residents. Much needed and ongoing effort to help acclimatize new resident physicians coming to the United States.
* Visiting faculty program

* KEMCAANA Tele Health Clinic
* Educational webinars series
* Zoom seminars for sharing up to date Coronavirus management strategies.

Scholarships for Kemcolians 
Superlative program to help the needy students of KEMU. Over 150 undergraduate Scholarships so far. Dr. Bashir is in charge of this Noble cause.
23 Postgraduate Scholarship loans for Kemcolinas were given. Dr. Tipu Sultan is spearheading this venture, with two  post-graduate scholarship ie Hamdani award of excellence given this year .
Class of 87, Stalwart Kemcolians like Irfan Munir and Samia Zafar raised over $11,000 for the benefit of Physicians and families of the Class of 1987.

KEMCAANA Information Technology Project. 

A new website and on tap resource being added to this fantastic program spearheaded by Dr. A. A. Toor. and DR Waseemullah Choudhry.


RECOGNITION CERTIFICATE was given to KEMCAANA  for its Humanitarian relief work in Pakistan and in the USA, by the. Governor of PUNJAB, PAKISTAN CHAUDHRY  MOHAMMAD SARWAR.

Many congratulations and thank you to the present KEMCAANA leadership as well as the Kemcolians involved in various projects. The need is immense and I would encourage all of us to join hands and build the fire.

If you have a project bring it and we will try to raise funds and Join with you.
If you have time to spare, join us in any of the worthwhile projects.
If you can donate, please add to the resource.
If you can spread the word, may the power of initiative be your partner?
Kemcolians Join us! all in our effort to help fellow Human beings.

God speed.


Furrukh S. Malik, MD
Chair, KEMCAANA Publication Committee

Samia Nawab Waseem, MD
President KEMCAANA 2020
+1 (703) 609-6352

Nasim Sheikh, MD
Immediate Past President

Muhammad Aslam, MD
President Elect 2020

Muhammad Fateh shahzad, MD 
Secretary KEMCAANA 2020

Amera Rahman, MD
Treasurer 2020