Indigent Patients Medication fund for providing Lifesaving Drugs to poor patients

During the presidency of Dr. Ahmed Malik with approval of the KEMCAANA EC it was decided to start an endowment fund for providing certain Medicines to indigent patients in a predictable and systematic manner for the long term.

KEMCAANA staff, in consultation with specialists in the field arranges to purchase medicines in bulk for treating:

  1. life threatening bronchial asthma,
  2. Maintenance hormone therapy for breast cancer patients
  3. Medicines for patients suffering from psychiatric illnesses.

KEMCAANA has partnered with the “Students patient welfare society – SPWS at KEMU” to diligently deliver these medications. KEMCAANA staff keeps the inventory of these medicines. Thus your generous charitable donations are disbursed to the needy in the most efficient manner.

We sincerely look forward to your donations for this fund. Please consider your donations including Zakat for this fund that provides relief to the deserving sick individuals at Mayo Hospital. The hospital now more than ever provides care to the under-served members of the Pakistani society.

To donate online click here

To donate by check, make it to “Indigent Patient Fund” and mail it to:

4170 S 4th street,
Milwaukee, WI 53207.