Announcement of KEMCAANA Medical Mission 2020

Dear KEMCAANA Family:

It is my pleasure to introduce Dr. Muhammad Abrar Saleem as the Chair of KEMCAANA Medical Mission. He is a Board Certified Pediatrician serving Ocoee and central Florida. He will be joined by Dr Zia Virk and Dr Javed Aktar as Advisors. I also welcome to Dr Waqas Ahmed as Co-Chair and  members of Medical Mission.

M. Abrar Saleem, MD
Chair, Medical Mission
Waqas Ahmed, MD
Co-Chair, Medical Mission

Zia Virk, MD
Advisor, Medical Mission
Javed Akhtar, MD
Advisor, Medical Mission


Sarim Mir, MD
Sameer Shafi, MD
Muhammad Fateh Shehzad, MD
Mian Ahmed Hassan, MD
Asif Azeem, MD


Samia Nawab Waseem, MD
President KEMCAANA 2020

Nasim Sheikh, MD
Immediate Past President

Muhammad Aslam, MD
President Elect 2020

Muhammad Fateh Shahzad, MD
Secretary 2020

Amera Rahman, MD
Treasurer 2020