Nasim Sheikh, MD
KEMCAANA President 2019

Dear KEMCAANA Members,

I am indebted to every single member of KEMCAANA for bestowing upon me the honor to elect me the President of 2019. I can assure you that every effort will be made to meet the goals of your expectations.

I will be focusing on some issues in addition to fulfilling my traditional role as an ardent worker of the association.

(i) Respect for Seniors and love for Juniors

This seems to be the only course to conjugate all segments of our organization as it will ensure longevity and success of our endeavours.

(ii) Recruitment of KEMU Graduates to USA

All of us should pool our resources to bring the young graduates to USA as these children are decorated with exceptional brilliance and infinite dedication. We are facilitating nine to ten graduates each year to blossom their dreams but I would like other Alumni to come forward and donate funds to increase the number of aspirants to USA.

(iii) Attendance in the Meetings

The participation of every member in spring, summer and fall meetings is needed to ensure your input and incorporation of your ideas for attainment of our mission statement.

(iv) Participation in KEMU Conferences and Workshops

Every opportunity should be availed to help our younger generation to become better physicians. We are vying for selfless contributions and not waiting for accolades or positions.

All of our present projects are mentioned on our websites or known to you. Therefore, we should strive together to augment the existing ones and analyse the future ones with serious deliberations, probability of success and endurance. As Iqbal said…

Please contact me whenever you feel like.

Nasim Sheikh, MD
President KEMCAANA, 2019