Samia Nawab Waseem, MD
KEMCAANA President 2020

Dear Kemcolians,

It is my pleasure to introduce myself and the Executive Committee. I am honored to assume the role of President of KEMCAANA 2020. I am grateful to my predecessors, past President, and Board of Trustees members for their leadership and outstanding contribution to KEMCAANA. I look forward to continuing their mission.

This year we will establish committees that incorporate the excellence of the seniors and the strength of the young.

As we have introduced numerous young faces to different responsible roles, this will groom them for future leadership tasks. This will also enable them to build a connection with recent graduates.

KEMCAANA has completed its 40 years, as an organization, it has a long list of achievements which have been possible due to your generous donations such as:

  • Scholarship programs for undergraduate/postgraduate
  • Charitable projects executed by Social and Disaster Relief Committee
  • Education to King Edward’s Medical students by the visiting faculty
  • Indigenous medication endowment fund
  • The Computer lab
  • Health care improvement/ medical mission

Membership participation and finance is an ongoing concern. I see a true obligation to increase membership and improve the financial status of the organization and focus on getting more involvement of the recent graduates. Additionally, we hope to embark on digital healthcare in for medical education.

In order for the previewed plan to strive, it is vital to make the endowment funds stronger. I will continue to request donations via the website page, during retreats and summer meeting. If you want to donate now, please click here.

We do tons of good work, but I feel we have the potential to achieve much more, which would be, impossible without your participation, diligence, integration, collaboration, and communication.

The Executive Committee is open to all suggestions. Please contact me or any member of the executive committee if you wish to serve on any of the committees and how to stay involved.

We hope to see you InshaAllah at The Summer Meeting in Washington DC, from 1-5th July of 2020 and The Winter Meeting at Lahore in December in 2020.

May God Almighty be our guide.

My theme for this year is, “Success is never final and failures are never fatal.”



Samia Nawab Waseem, MD
President KEMCAANA 2020

Nasim Sheikh, MD
Immediate Past President

Muhammad Aslam, MD
President Elect 2020

Muhammad Fateh Shahzad, MD
Secretary 2020

Amera Rahman, MD
Treasurer 2020