Post Graduate Training Program

Among many accomplishments of KEMCANNA, one of the most successful projects was the creation of the PGE fund in 1983. It started with one residency position per year for one best graduate in 1985, Unfortunately, the PGE program gradually suffered the impact of difficulties with visas after September 11, 2001. One by one all institutions withdrew from the program. While it lasted, over 100 physicians benefited from it.

Endowment Fund

KEMCAANA Village FundĀ  $120,000 were donated towards building of School in Bagh / Azad Kashmir in 2005 after the earth quake.

Model Wards

Model Medical and Model Surgical Wards were established. Project included maintaining adequate medical records, following established guidelines for managing major illnesses, creating a Q&A process and, in addition, getting the house staff involved in research. Both were discontinued due to lack of funding.