The Y.I.A. is given annually to a Young Kemcolian practicing in North America in recognition of at least one of the following:

  1. An outstanding contribution to research (Basic or Clinical)
  2. Scientific advancement of clinical practices by virtue of introducing novel approaches.
  3. Introducing new and improvised tools / Patents for delivery of exceptional patient care

Objective of the award is promoting research and foster scholarly activities by KE graduates in North America. The Award is presented at the annual summer meeting of KEMCAANA and Includes:

  1. Cash award of $1000.00
  2. Plaque of recognition
  3. Recipients of award will be listed on the KEMCAANA Website.
  4. In case the winner is a Resident/Fellow, he/she will be reimbursed the cost of hotel during the meeting to a maximum of $ 500.00
  5. The Award winners will have an Honorable mention and a summary of their work published in the KEMCAANA annual Magazine


  1. The applicants should be a Graduate of KEMC/KEMU within 15 years of graduation.
  2. Practicing in North America.
  3. Verification of training status as a Resident or Fellow may be required.
  4. Research/Clinical work submitted for the award should have been published or accepted for publication, presented or accepted for presentation at a Peer Reviewed national forum such as a scientific society meeting or a peer reviewed scientific journal within two years of application. Examples of work are Accepted manuscripts, Scientific Abstracts, posters.

Application Procedure:

Application should include:

  1. Name and contact information.
  2. Year of graduation from KE.
  3. Current status: Resident / Fellow / Faculty member or in Private Practice.
  4. Cover letter highlighting your career plans.
  5. Recent CV.
  6. Abstract or manuscript of the research/other work to be considered for award.
  7. Summary of your work and its significance.

The deadline for submission will always be April 15th. Of the year.

The application along with required supporting material should be sent electronically to Att: Manager KEMCAANA – Investigator Award.

The Awards Committee:  It consists of six KEMCAANA members serving on the Faculty of North American Medical institutions. Award selection is based upon standard criteria including originality, methodology, presentation and quality of work.